I wrote this poem as a tribute to my Mozambican female friends for April 7, the National Mozambican woman’s day, at the end of my three year stay in the country. Although the same women go through struggles and challenges in a macho culture surrounded by poverty, they have so much to teach about life. I owe them a big part of my personal growth. Version in Portuguese follows at the bottom.

Photo by: Ana Isa Mourinho

Dear Mozambican woman, I have learnt a lot from you. You made me stop in the street to greet you and even without knowing me; you gave me…

Art By: Carolina Falkholt

I have been longing to talk about this topic for a long time because over and over I run into this misconception. What is true, is that the yoni truly is a magnificent flower. She can open and swollen up in a mind blowing way that she almost seems like a completely new organ (and yes, I call my yoni a she, my energetic dick is a he). She is then soaking wet, fluffy and delicious. BUT — while she is still dry, eager fingers rushing to touch my vulnerable clit to make me horny, will not do the job…

Li Storm

As a dancer and Lust Coach Li aims to change how we talk about intimacy. They support s3xual healing and exploration through movement, touch and deep listening.

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